My research focuses broadly on political behavior, public

opinion, and political communication. Specifically, I'm

interested in how differences in voters' traits and identities
affect reactions to information from campaigns or the media.

My research examines individual differences in racial attitudes,

sexism, and personality traits (including the Big Five and the Dark

Triad), among other predispositions. I study how these

aspects of voters change their understanding of campaign

advertisements and media reports about politics.

I am also interested in public opinion generally, with

projects that examine wealth effects on economic voting,

the dynamic relationship between party identification and beliefs about the size and scope of the federal government, and the ability of clear policy information to reduce partisan bias.

Recently, my work with Melanee Thomas, Allison Harell, and Tania Gosselin (as part of my post-doctoral work at the University of Calgary) has shifted to examine the influence of gender and gender stereotypes on the psychology underlying perceptions of candidate competence.


I enjoy teaching course on a variety of topics in American politics. My classes combine contemporary readings with an eye towards practical skills. Depending on the course, my students can be found producing campaign materials for congressional candidates, composing fact sheets for local non-profits, debating the positive and negative consequences of political polarization, or even making paper airplanes to better understand hypothesis testing!


Outside of the classroom, I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, golf, fishing, and playing with my daughter (Rosie) and dog (Hazel). If I'm not in my office, it's a good bet that I'm outside, hopefully doing something fun.



Racial Attitudes

Gender Stereotypes

Public Opinion

Political Behavior

Political Psychology

Political Communications


University of Minnesota

Ph.D. Political Science


Macalester College

B.A. Political Science summa cum laude


Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media: The Changing Media Landscape (Senior Capstone)

Media and Politics

Polarization in America

Political Participation

Political Psychology of Mass Behavior

Power and Politics in America: From the Halls of Congress to the West Wing

Race and Ethnicity in America

Research Methods in Political Science and Health

U.S. Federal Government and Politics

U.S. Parties, Groups, and Elections