Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media: The Changing Media Landscape (Senior Seminar) (Spring 2019)


U.S. Federal Government and Politics (Fall 2017; Spring 2018; Spring 2019)

Race and Ethnicity in America (Fall 2017; Spring 2019)

U.S. Parties, Groups, and Elections (Fall 2018)

Research Methods in Political Science and Health (Fall 2018)

Power and Politics in America (Spring 2018)

Political Participation (Spring 2016)

U.S. Politics (Spring 2016)


Political Psychology of Mass Behavior (Summer 2014; Spring 2015; Spring 2016)


Media and Politics (Fall 2015)


Polarization in America (Fall 2015)


Quantitative Methods in Political Science (Summer 2013)

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